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Well Hello,

TL:DR: I created this article because I miss the in-person office chatter. Maybe this background will help us deepen our connection and work better together.

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On Work-Life Choices

  • I love partnering people with holistic solutions.
  • My #1 value is team. Business is about people and relationships.
  • I might ask for your help 😀
  • I love to see creative solutions save time and improve lives.
  • No matter what tools, dashboards, automation you have — chatting with someone is often the most effective way to get shit done.
  • Everything is an experiment, and I’m always open to trying new tools or optimizing.
  • My previous mentor said “create value every time you step into the room.”
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  • Speaking truth with candor, honesty, integrity. Everyone has their own truth. It helps to listen.
  • Courage and showing up means being vulnerable even you know it might suck.
  • Completion: If it’s worth doing — It’s worth doing.
  • Trusting that others will help if they can.
  • You can’t argue with reality. It’s all about perspective.
  • I prioritize feeling energy and vibrations. Your instincts and vibe matter.
  • Listening with presence is incredibly powerful.
  • It’s work life choices NOT work-life balance.
  • Success is on the other side of fear.
  • Everyone has something they can teach you.
  • FAST goals > SMART goals.
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Trust, Exploration, Adventure, Communication, Vulnerability, Efficiency, Sustainability, Community, Growth, Self-care, Teamwork.

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Other Interests

Activism, Alternative Medicine, Art, Automation, Creative Writing, Data Science, Digital Ethics, Paranormal Romance, Project Management, Quality Improvement, Science, Strategic Planning, Sustainability, Talent Development, Yoga.

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